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Stain Matching 

Have you ever wanted to Match Stain or Lacquers?

Now you can match stain just like you can match paint! Have a favorite wooden table or chair that you want to match a new item or floor in your house? Bring it in and we will mix a stain to match! Our professional staff will even give you helpful tips on how to apply stain for that perfect finish. Labar has been famous in Simcoe County for our ability to match stains and lacquers where others have been unsuccessful. A valuable asset to cabinet and furniture makers!

Stain Match Facts

Getting a good stain match is not quite the same as matching with paint. Paint is opaque and totally hides the surface underneath. Stain is transparent and the surface underneath adds to the finished appearance.

Adding to the equation is the variableness of the underlying wood to be stained. Some pieces of trim will want to stain with a red cast, for instance, and other pieces will take on a grayer cast. This is the beauty of stain work and the frustration of it.

The goal in staining is to control the randomness of color that naturally occurs and still keep the overall look uniform in color.